Iran Obama

Obama admin low-balled amount handed over to Islamonazi regime in Tehran, since 2013…….$10 billion


Obama’s 8 years in office has cost America dearly…


It will take triple that time to recoup our losses and much more time to provide a clear path to proper governance and rule of law, let alone amend the constitution to stave off further eroding of the system.


Iran Claims It Has Received More than $10 Billion in Cash from U.S. Since 2013

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  1. I joked, at one time, that the plane loads of $100.00 bills on pallets sent was simple jizya. Now my opinion is much more sinister. Obama was a weasel in our henhouse showing the mere tip of his evil intents iceberg while, as we reluctantly suspected, viciously working AGAINST AMERICA AT ALL TIMES! He and his minions have scarred Lady Liberty deeply, but she still stands. God bless PDT. God knows what to do with B.O. I regret only that is escaping our nation’s justice in this life. Shame on each and every lemming voter that supported that creature.

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