EU Eurabia Euro-dhimmis Iran

European Union (miscreant) leaders seek to enable Iran widening its grip on the Middle East in ‘keep-money-flowing’ scheme…….


They’re enablers of tyrannical Islamo-Shiite expansionism…


We have the worst of the worst politicians in positions of power and influence. A Perfect Storm.


Europe Seeks Ways To Shield Its Companies From US Sanctions — And Keep Money Flowing To Iran

The European Union on Friday advanced two measures that could help the bloc’s firms avoid possible U.S. sanctions if they continue to do business in Iran, directly challenging Washington’s campaign to isolate Tehran economically.


Both proposals are part of the EU’s effort to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which offers Tehran sanctions relief and increased trade in exchange for limits on its nuclear program. President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the deal on May 8 and re-imposed sanctions on Iran, including the possibility of secondary penalties for overseas firms that do business there.


The move outraged the European signatories to the deal — Britain, France and Germany — in large part because they have built lucrative trading ties with Iran in the years since the agreement was enacted. Now, the EU is pushing back against Washington with proposals that could allow European firms to maintain those ties.

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