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Daniel Greenfield: Lying nuclear liars and the radioactive lies they tell….


Obama’s asshat nuke deal  just kicks the can down the road. It also ensures the islamonazi regime can do whatever it wants while maintaining the fiction of the deal, by keeping out IAEA inspectors from sites THEY want to protect. Bad deal, always was.



Lying nuclear liars and the radioactive lies they tell.


Daniel Greenfield

After Israel’s Netanyahu unveiled 100,000 files proving the existence of Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program, the Iran Deal’s defenders insisted that they had always known that Iran was lying.


Secretary of State John Kerry, Iran Scam echo chamber boss Ben Rhodes, Ploughshares boss Joe Cirincione, the Iran Lobby funders of deal propaganda, and dozens of others all coordinated around the same message. There was nothing new in the 100,000 files. They knew this all along.


And their echo chamber swiftly followed that with, “But that’s why we need the Iran Deal.”


The revelations about Iran’s nuclear program “prove” that we need an agreement that, as Obama admitted, would give it a zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb in a little over a decade.


According to Iran’s atomic boss though, it could start producing weapons-grade material in 5 days.


Whom do you believe?


The Iran Deal lobby says that we shouldn’t believe Iran, but we should rely on the liars who have been lying on its behalf to work the deal on our behalf. How do you make a deal with liars you can’t trust?


Transparency and serious inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites: two things that the Iran Deal doesn’t have.


The first thing the Iran Deal did was lock away gobs of information, including about its own side deals. The IAEA’s inspections and Joint Commission’s proceedings are secret. The IAEA puts out information, like the number of inspections, but without specific locations, they have no context or meaning.


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