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Finnish Investigation: More than a hundred radicalized (mostly Muslim) prisoners “capable and willing” to carry out terrorist activities……..


And one of Finland’s more outrageous police chiefs (who regularly tweets) infamously asked a few days ago:  


How does closing borders improve Finland’s internal security?



Investigation result: More than a hundred radicalized prisoners in Finland’s prisons – “capable and willing” to carry out terrorist activities

Monday 23.4.2018 at 11.02

Riihimäki Prison is part of the Criminal Sanction Area of ​​Southern Finland where research was conducted. Riihimäki Prison is the prison of Finland's highest security classification.


Violent extremism has also come to stay in Finland’s prisons, it is estimated in the final report on violent extremism and radicalization recognition project of the Southern Crime Trials Region.


According to a recent investigation by the Criminal Sanctions Institute (Rise), by January 2018, 112 persons were found in prisons prone to violent extremism and radicalization.


Of these, 76 findings related to radical Islamism, 28 extreme right and eight others.


Of those discovered, 76 were in prison or under controlled conditions in January 2018.


Observations have mainly been made in southern Finland, but observations are also being carried out at prisons in other regions as well.


– Some of the detainees found during the project had become radicalized even before coming to prison. There were also people in prison who have the ability and will to commit terrorist activities, according to Rise’s press release.


Means for detection


The project was launched in August 2016. Its main objective was to develop ways of detecting radicalization in prisons.


Another key task of the project was to train the staff of the Rikosseuraamuslaitoksen Criminal Sanctions Department so that the modes of operation could be deployed and the staff could be better equipped to make reliable observations of prisoner radicalization.


During the project, approximately 400 officials have been trained.


More in Finnish here at IL

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