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BIG!: State Department strikes Occupied Territories’ from human rights report…….


Exactly: Israel has every right to be in Judea and Samaria according to the San Remo accords signed by multiple member nations of the League of Nations.


State Department strikes reproductive rights, ‘Occupied Territories’ from human rights report

The State Department’s annual human rights report released Friday drops references to reproductive rights for women and stops using the phrase “Occupied Territories” to describe Israel’s presence in Gaza and the West Bank.

The report, which covers 2017, focuses less on societal attitudes and discrimination than in previous years and more on governmental actions that encourage or reward violence and bigotry. It is the first human rights report to reflect the Trump administration’s views and priorities.

In what is likely to be the most controversial change, the report strips a section labeled “reproductive rights” that outlined access to contraception and abortion, as well as maternal mortality rates, for every country. In its place is a section for each country called “coercion in population control,” documenting involuntary or “unethical” sterilization.


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