Islam in Belgium

Belgium: Islamonazi party runs campaign on open sedition…….


H/T: Pat Condell “Belgium’s Islam party is running on a sedition ticket. I bet nobody saw that coming.”


The watchwords here are “A political party called ‘ISLAM’ is growing in Belgium”. It’s long been said that when any Muslim community (regardless of the plethora of differing groups) their behavior shifts according to their demographic numbers.

Islam party in Belgium wants to create an Islamic State and separate men and women

For the second time in 6 years the ‘Islam’ party will participate in Belgium’s municipal elections. The party wants to create an Islamic State and separate men and women in public transport, Belgian newspaper HLN reports.


“Our goal is a 100% Islamic State, but we don’t mean we want to oblige the headscarf,” the party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch says. “By establishing Sharia law we want to follow the way of the prophet and the Quran”, he adds.




Belgium’s state secretary of immigration, Theo Francken, says the party “disgusts” him. On Twitter he writes:

“A political party called ‘ISLAM’ is growing in Belgium. They openly call for the introduction of Shariah law. The Shariah is in violation with human rights. Shariah parties therefore are antidemocratic. These are wolves in sheep’s clothing.” #Soumission


“Classic example of taqqiya: these Islamists want to install a ‘100% Islamic state’ in our country, but ‘without touching the constitution’. Impossible lies. I wonder what their off camera campaign looks like.”


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