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IDF not confirming if they have the corpses of Islamonazis who attacked the border fence between Gaza and Israel……..


Dip them in a vat of acid…


Report: IDF has bodies of Hamas terrorists killed in border riot

IDF does not confirm or deny that it is holding on to the bodies of Hamas gunmen that were killed in Friday’s violent face off.


Hamas terrorists killed in border riot


Multiple Arab news outlets are reporting that the IDF is holding on to the bodies of two Hamas terrorists who were killed during Friday’s violent clashes.


The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit refused to comment on the matter.


At least 30,000 people took part in Friday’s riot, which ended with 17 Gazans killed and more than 1,000 injured. The IDF says that ten of the 17 killed were known Hamas gunmen.


If the report is true, it would not be the first time that the IDF has captured bodies of Hamas terrorists. In October, Israel killed 12 Hamas terrorists when it demolished a terror tunnel that had penetrated Israel. Of the 12 terrorists, the remains of five were recovered by IDF forces after the demolition was completed.


In December, Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled that the government lacked the authority to hold the terrorists’ remains in custody, adding that the Knesset must pass new legislation permitting the government to do so.


While the court ordered that the bodies must be returned, it gave the government six months to pass legislation empowering it to retain the bodies. If no law is passed within half a year, however, the government will be obliged to hand the remains over.


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