Islamic anti-Semitism Muslim persecution of Jews

Muslim council of clerics say normalizing ties with Israel is “against Islam”…….


This is Islam…


The class of Europe’s ruling elite will say that this is merely ‘political speech in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict’ (the Arabs’ dirty terrorist war against the Jewish state), but in actuality it’s Jew hating Islam, and it’s 1400 year war against them for all eternity that’s the problem.


Normalizing ties with Israel is ‘against Islam’

Top Muslim religious council says anyone who normalizes ties with Israel is a ‘sinner.’


The Council of Religious Scholars and Lecturers in Beit Al-Mukdas in Jerusalem warned against normalizing ties with the “occupation.”


The Council is headed by Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, who also serves as an imam in Al-Aqsa Mosque. Appointed by arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, Sabri legitimized suicide bombings and attacks on civilians during the Second Intifada.


In a statement, the council said that “normalization with Israel deviates from the Arab and Islamic norm” and is considered “loyalty to the occupation.”


They also said that “Palestine” has always “spat out the invaders,” just like a healthy body gets rid of an illness. The solution to the occupation, they said, is to remove it from the blessed and holy land.


Any kind of normalization with Israel is forbidden according to Sharia law, and anyone who has any kind of normalized relationship with Israel is considered a sinner.


Israeli National News

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