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J.E.Dyer: March for Our Lives: Khmer Rouge, or just Astro Turf…..?


Kids manipulated by Leftists, I can’t see any gas to their movement in changing US Constitutional law on right to weapons, anymore than BLM or the hippy camp maroons did for social change. This too shall pass.


March for Our Lives: Khmer Rouge, or just Astro Turf?

March for Our Lives: Khmer Rouge, or just Astro Turf?


We knew to expect a certain lack of gravitas in the “March for Our Lives” on 24 March, after seeing Parkland survivor-activist David Hogg triggered by the decree (which Howard Portnoy recorded earlier) that students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School would carry only clear backpacks, to prevent smuggling things into the school.


Young Mr. Hogg seemed shocked at the idea that a whole lot of innocent people should be punished with a draconian security crackdown for what one criminal did.


But that, of course, is exactly his argument about what is erroneously called “gun control”: that millions of law-abiding citizens should have their rights eroded and put at risk because of what one criminal did.  So things were bound to go downhill from there.


And go downhill they did.  I observed earlier today that the big, highly orchestrated turnout in the Washington, D.C. march on Saturday, with the “fake homemade” signs, the many aging leftists on-hand, and the pre-packaged chants and talking points, was clearly an Astro Turf operation.


(Oh, and the numerous charter buses.)


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