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Former Finnish PM Paavo Lipponen (Leftist) was shocked that US constitution trumps international law……..


The Finns have bent, twisted and changed its constitution to be subservient to international/EU law for decades, I’m not surprised at all that the Marxist, Paavo Lipponen, was shocked at Amb.John Bolton’s entirely correct, factual statement. 


In the case of John Bolton, I first met the new National Security Advisor a decade and a half or so back, in a roomful of European prime ministers and foreign ministers. He delivered a line that stunned the joint: “International law does not trump the US Constitution.
I was standing next to the Finnish Prime Minister, Paavo Lipponen, who had a genuinely puzzled looked on his face and eventually inquired of me: “He is making a joke, no?”


It’s why I revere that founding document. It empowers the people against tyrannical politicians, something that social democracies traditionally reject.


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