Free Speech

EU Commissioner for ”EU Justice” wants to go after ”hate speech” online…….


And you geniuses and masterminds will be the sole arbitrators of what constitutes ”proper speech”… Tyrants.


These people are the scariest people of all…


A Europe that protects: Commission reinforces EU response to illegal content online

Today we’re making recommendations for tackling all types of illegal content online – including terrorism, illegal and illegal practices.
Think of inciting violence, spray-painted on a wall in a city – it would be removed by the authorities, there would be consequences. Similarly, companies should notify prosecutors to punish online crimes. Illegal
I appreciate the efforts of the platform providers because they have mobilised resources, hired in some cases thousands of new people and showed determination to get rid of illegal behaviour online. Together w/ civil society the cooperation bears fruits.

EU webpage

H/T: Fjordman

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