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Max Boot’s galosh turns Left…….


Some fiscal conservatives Democrats who joined the Republican Party over the past few decades did so, not from principles that rejected statism per se, but because they rejected the overt Marxism of the crazy, radical Left that took over the party. That’s changed now, they’ve rejoined the fold.




Max Boot got another 15 minutes of fame from a shouty Washington Post piece announcing that he’s no longer a conservative. He’s also no longer a neo-conservative.


Recently, Boot tweeted, “This is why it would be a catastrophe if John Bolton replaces HR McMaster. It would lead to a significantly greater risk of Korean War II, this time with nukes.”


Boot and some Never Trumpers have been tarred as neo-conservatives, but this is the opposite of a neo-conservative. It’s a commonplace lefty talking point.


But here’s Boot on Bolton in better times.

Bolton has been an effective diplomat and bureaucratic operator precisely because he has not tried to win any popularity contests. He has fought for his beliefs, and usually prevailed. In 1991, for instance, he helped push for repeal of the U.N.’s infamous “Zionism is racism” resolution. More recently, he has marshaled an impressive coalition behind the Proliferation Security Initiative designed to stop the spread of nukes. And he did it not by being polite but by being forceful and persuasive.

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