Islam in Denmark

Denmark’s government says “Ghettos must go”…….


An overwhelming number of these migrants are on subsidies…


Most Muslim women are unemployed. The fallacy of open doors migration policies couldn’t be any clearer.


‘Ghettos must go’: Government presents plan in Copenhagen underprivileged area

Denmark’s government presented its plan to tackle social problems in what it defines as ‘ghettos’ on Thursday as eight ministers visited the Mjølnerparken area of Copenhagen.

Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said the plan – which contains a number of potentially controversial elements – was not about race or religion.


But too many Danish residents of non-Western backgrounds were not contributing to society, and the government was not prepared to accept that, the PM said according to newspaper Politiken.


Rasmussen made his comments as he, along with seven other ministers, presented the ‘ghetto plan’ in Mjølnerparken, an underprivileged area of Nørrebro in Copenhagen that is included on the Ministry of Transport and Housing’s ‘ghetto list’.


The plan – titled ‘One Denmark without Parallel Societies: No Ghettos in 2030’ – was also published on the government’s website on Thursday.


“We still have time to turn around the trend, but we must act now,” Rasmussen said Thursday according to Politiken‘s report.


The PM also stressed that most residents in Denmark with non-Danish backgrounds contribute positively to society.


But there are still too many people who are not, according to Rasmussen.


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