Rape Tariq Ramadan

Muslim Brotherhood kingpin Tariq Ramadan’s alibi in rape case full of holes…….


I’m happy to have played a key role in getting his invite to speak in Finland rescinded by the University of Helsinki…


The alibi of Tariq Ramadan weakened by document

The time of arrival of the Islamologist in Lyon on the day of rape denounced by one of the two complainants is more than ever at the heart of the investigation.


The imbroglio around the alleged alibi of Tariq Ramadan is enriched by a new episode. The questions relate to the agenda of the Islamologist on October 9, 2009, date of the attack of which Christelle (the name has been changed), the first of his two accusers, said to have been victim in a hotel in Lyon (Rhone) .


According to the information revealed by the website “The Muslim Post” and relayed by “Liberation” , the preacher, indicted for rape on February 2, would have landed in the capital of Gaul late morning. And not in the early evening, as a document produced by his lawyers suggested .


The information is crucial since Christelle says she was raped in the early afternoon. If these last revelations were to be confirmed by the investigation, the defense of the theologian , who disputes the facts, would be seriously weakened.


In which plane did he board?


“The Muslim Post” has obtained the schedule for the trip of Tariq Ramadan, invited that evening to participate in a conference organized by the Union of Young Muslims (UJM). The route online is scheduled to land in Lyon at 11:15 from Madrid.


However, as part of the preliminary investigation, the lawyers of the Islamicologist had provided the receipt of a ticket booking indicating his arrival at 18:35 from London. As this document was temporarily misplaced by the prosecutor’s office, the verifications could not be made at the time of his placement in police custody and his indictment.


From a judicial point of view, neither the itinerary produced by “The Muslim Post” nor the reservation provided by Tariq Ramadan’s defense are proofs. Only the requisitions issued by the examining magistrates will make it possible to know in which plane the preacher has embarked. However, for the time being, the result of these investigations does not appear in the file.


Versions of conference participants


“From the beginning, I know that the version delivered by my client is true, asserts Me Eric Morain, Christelle’s lawyer. As soon as the rogatory commission ( note: the act asked to the investigators by the judges ) will be returned, the defense of Tariq Ramadan will be annihilated on this aspect. ”


The criminal adds to have been contacted by several participants in the conference explaining having taken charge of the Islamologist at the airport in the late morning.


Contacted, Tariq Ramadan’s lawyers did not respond to our calls. Thursday, the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal decided to keep the theologian in custody .



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