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Finns Party politician Laura Huhtasaari wants to possibly ‘shake things up’ in Brussels…….


For me, I believe that the real intention in her wanting to head to the EU parliament, is to use it as a stage ( like Nigel Farage did) in order to help state the case to the Finnish public of the need to leave the EU for good.


Also, there’s the need to use that same platform in order to state the case for limited government, end the welfare state and more open free markets. So much to state, and so much opposition to counter but it needs to be done nonetheless.


Laura Huhtasaari does not want to challenge Halla-aho, but Brussels might be of interest – Finland should be make more of a ruckus in the EU, she says

Laura Huhtasaari, whose profile has risen from the presidential election, now appears as kind of top figure in the immigration and EU-critical movement in Finland. She does not want to give an accurate picture of her political intentions yet.


In the case of the Finns, opposition to the EU within the EU has been fashionable. Former President Timo Soini left for Brussels, as did Halla-aho. Would Huhtasaari also be interested in Europe?


“I’m thinking,” she says of next year’s election. She sought to go to Brussels in 2014, but she did not become a candidate.


“I think there should be no one else to going there but those who drive Finnish interests.”


HALLA-AHO has said that he will not continue in Brussels next season.


Huhtasaari says that she’s just in the beginning of considering it. In any case, Finland should cause more of a “ruckus” in the EU.



“The rule seems to be that the more you cause a ruckus, the more you get. Poland and Hungary are in objection to all of the EU’s directives and take advantage. What harm has it been to Poland that they might be deemed to be a bit difficult? ” she asks.


“We should change the strategy, because you’ll never get anything with a smile.”


Huhtasaari says she wants to be an ally with the other Eurocritical parties in Europe and put the brakes on in order not to increase the EU’s power.


“The role of the EU is to be of a Trade Union, nothing else,” she says.


She is particularly of like mind and spirit, with the Austrian Freedom Party FPÖ, the German AfD and the Danish People’s Party. However, the largest political role model for getting out of the EU and the euro for Huhtamaki, is the former chairman of the British Independence Party, Nigel Farage. He served as the mouthpiece for the UK’s EU resignation.


“Farage said in his speech to the European Parliament that 17 years ago you laughed at me when I said that I would get Britain out of the EU.”


“But you are not laughing anymore.”




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