Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden Religious Migrants Sex-Torture Mentally Ill Man in Sweden…….


In the Middle East they send them off with suicide bombs strapped to them…


Sweden: Religious Migrants Sex-Torture Mentally Ill Man


It all started when the mentally ill man spoke to the three migrants as they passed him on the street. This angered the three and they showed the man a gun that one of them were carrying. During the conversation, the three offered the man the opportunity to try the gun and lured him on a trip out of town.


Here they threatened the man with the gun and forced him to take off all of his clothes in the cold September weather. Then they kicked and smashed him with clubs, fists and the gun, and accused the mentally ill man of calling himself Allah:

“Are you Allah, then see what we do to you!”, one of the men yelled according to the witness during the trial.

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