UK: Petition for clean break from Brussels reaches 30k, government refuses to accept it…….


This is a total subversion of the democratic process…


Petition demanding Brexit WITHOUT transition hits 30k but Government REFUSES to accept it

SUPPORT for a petition demanding Britain leaves the EU without a transition has rocketed past 30,000 signatures in frustration of Brussels ordering the UK abides by its laws without having a say.



Under proposals from Brussels, Britain would be subject to all EU rules and regulations, including freedom of movement, but have no control on the bloc’s decision making until the two-year Brexit transition ends.


Brexiteers including Jacob Rees-Mogg have claimed the deal would make Britain a “vassal state” and have branded it an “ultimatum”.


And an online petition claims the idea of a transition is a “betrayal” of the 17.4 million leave voters, calling for the UK to exit immediately in 2019 with no implementation period.


But the Government defended itself against the petition, saying a transition does not mean “postponing Brexit”.


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