Islamization MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Feminist Sweden allows polygamy for migrant men…….


Islamization isn’t happening step by step in Sweden, it’s happening by leaps and bounds…

Mohamed’s father had three wives and she calls it “hypocrisy” to protest against polygamy because it is “perfectly okay to have a wife and ten mistresses”.

Voice of Europe:

Swedish newspaper Dagens Juridik says there are at least 307 polygamists registered in the country.


While it’s illegal in Sweden to marry more than one partner, hundreds of migrants do have a valid polyamorous relationship.


The Swedish tax agency registered 307 of these kinds of relationships, with 152 persons involved being men and 155 being women. There are about 38 marriages between more than two people in Sweden, the Dagens Juridik reports.


According to the newspaper, the increase in polyamorous marriages is caused by the surge in immigration from Muslim countries. If the marriage is registered and valid in the migrant’s country of origin, Sweden will accept it, the newspaper says.


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