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Europe: Worry about Increasing Antisemitism……


Europe’s ruling elite do not care about Jew hatred, otherwise they wouldn’t be hell bent on importing millions of Jew hating Muslims into Europe to replace the 6 million they murdered. They can save their crocodile tears on Holocaust memorial day.


Proof of what I say is true, and no proponent of open borders from the ME have ever credibly countered: from the left leaning ADL. The Islamic variant of Jew hatred only serves to super charge the European version that lies just beneath the surface at varying degrees.


Worry about Increasing Antisemitism

During a meeting in Amsterdam on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, several speakers stressed the increase of antisemitism.  Prime Minister Rutte said that contemporary antisemitism still frightens people.  He mentioned the recently attacked kosher restaurant whose windows were deliberately shattered.  Rutte said that antisemitism is reflected by the fact that the doors of the restaurant are now locked and that the owner has to push a button to allow people entry.



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