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Ramadamadingdong-slam: Tariq hears the bars close behind him over rape charges…….


Too bad it wasn’t for Muslim Brotherhood activity, that would mean that the whole network was being rolled up…


Rape-accused Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan ‘questioned by police in Paris’

Oxford University professor and government adviser Tariq Ramadan has been detained for questioning months after two women filed rape charges against him, according to a legal source.


The prominent Swiss Islam academic was summoned for questioning with Paris judicial police and taken into custody “as part of a preliminary inquiry in Paris into rape and assault allegations”, the source said, confirming a report by RTL radio.


He can be detained for questioning for a maximum of 48 hours after which he could be simply freed, placed under formal investigation or made an “assistant witness” – a status suggesting there is less reason to suspect he committed a crime.


More here.

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