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Finland: Laura Huhtasaari (correctly) rejoices that ”The Finns party has become the new normal”…….




“We have already won! We’ve become the new normal “, rejoices The Finns Laura Huhtasaari

Laura Huusaari criticized the leadership who left the party, with unvarnished words before the election results was publicized.


IN KILTAKELLARI, Laura Huhtamaki was tense before 8pm in following the Finnish election, but the smile did not leave the face of the presidential candidate for a moment.


“We have already won! We have now become the new normal and our ideology becomes mainstream, “Huhtamaki beamed.


Huhtamaki gave criticism to the former leadership of The Finns party, who left it during the conference last summer, when Jussi Halla-Aho was elected chairman of the party.


Huhtamaki criticized the leadership who left the party, with unvarnished words.

They tried to destroy us. The Political leadership defected.

However, Huhtasaari believes that the party’s base support has welded together during a presidential election campaign. She did not speak about the rate of support this time, but how the campaign influenced her personally.


“As a politician, the election campaign has given an awful lot, I’ve got to grow both as a politician and as a person.”


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