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Davos Switzerland: The Donald has landed…….


To shake things up please…


European ankle biters like Sweden’s Carl Bildt have their knickers in a knot for being held up due to the Trump entourage:

 I’m heavily delayed to my meetings. Stable genius evidently needs solid security.

Trump storms Davos: The President lands in Switzerland to defend his America First policy in a flurry of meetings with world leaders and billionaire CEOs

  • President Donald Trump has arrived to Switzerland to participate in the Davos economic conference 
  • Members of his cabinet arrived in advance and joined in panels and interviews 
  • He will push his ‘America First’ agenda and seek more fair, reciprocal trade between the US and its allies
  • ‘America first is not America alone,’ said White House senior economic adviser Gary Cohn
  • Trump met the British Prime Minister Theresa May after canceling a visit to the UK earlier this month
  • The president and Prime Minster shook hands after reaffirming the ‘Special Relationship’ between the nations
  • Trump said that he would ‘fight’ for Britain and said that any rumors of a fracture in relations were false 
  • Met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who thanked Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as capital
  • He will also attend a reception the White House has said will be held in his honor and meets with CEOs
  • Trump said before departing that he was ‘looking forward’ to speaking to special counsel Robert Mueller
  • Trump, never invited as a businessman, will be the first president to attend Davos since Bill Clinton in 2000


President Donald Trump landed on Thursday in Switzerland, where his outsized personality and determination to push an ‘America First’ agenda is already upending the annual Davos conference.


To an extent, the annual confab of billionaires and CEOs was already centering around Trump even before Air Force One touched down in Zurich, then flew aboard Marine One to Davos in the Swiss Alps.


The approximately 40-minute trip took Trump over a snowy countryside dotted with houses, frosted mountains and a glistening lake.


As Trump got off the helicopter in Davos, he gestured to aides who held him by the arms as he walked across the snowy landing zone to his waiting car.

‘We’re very happy to be here,’ Trump said as he arrived. ‘The United States is doing very well, and will continue to do well and this will be a very exciting two days.’


He said he was bringing a message of ‘peace and prosperity’ to the gathering of world leaders, business executives and celebrities.


Trump waved to a bank of cameras when he arrived, before being immediately whisked away to the annual gathering of heads of state and business leaders where he had a one-on-one meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May.


He then had a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where the two reaffirmed the historic decision by the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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