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Calls for Iran to release the brave (iconic) woman waving scarf on a stick…….


Of course the thugs have her, a simple act of waving a supremacist garment is considered a hostile act by the Islamonazi regime…


Amnesty calls for the release of Iranian women who was seen being arrested after bravely standing on a pillar box in Tehran waving her hijab

  • Woman protested by waving headscarf standing on a pillar box in Tehran, Iran
  • She was reportedly arrested shortly afterwards and has not been seen since
  • Campaign to put pressure on Iranian government to reveal her fate is growing 
  • The mystery woman is reportedly 31 years old and has a 19-month-old baby


Missing: The mystery woman (pictured) was praised after a video of her waving her hijab in protest  went viral on social media, but she was reportedly arrested shortly afterwards



Amnesty has called on the Iranian government to ‘immediately and unconditionally’ release a woman arrested for taking off her headscarf in public to protest the Islamic dress code enforced on women.


The unnamed woman was filmed standing on a pillar box in central Tehran, waving a white hijab in the air, in a video which later went viral.


Witnesses say the woman, a 31-year-old mother-of-one, was arrested shortly afterwards and has not been seen since.


The human rights organisation said in a statement to MailOnline that ‘Iranian authorities must immediately and unconditionally’ release her, describing her actions as ‘engaging in a peaceful protest against compulsory veiling (hijab)’.


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