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Finland: Virtue signaling ceo quits ‘misogynistic’ all-male Helsinki Bourse Club……


Member resigns from exclusive vegetarians only club because they don’t allow any meat eaters…


I understand the founding of the club was during a time in history when women were not allowed to pursue the top administrative positions in the private or even public sector. They are however free to do so today, and form their own clubs. Let the man choose his own path, and the rest of the club’s members should be free to pursue theirs, unmolested. These neo-marxist feminists are demanding quality of outcome, something that is a cancer to a free society, it’s a shame to see some men fall prey to their sick thinking.


NOTE: In a free society, the forming of societies, groups or clubs is a basic civil right, the freedom of association. You wouldn’t want a situation in which meat eaters demanding to be allowed to join a vegetarian club would be allowed to get their way. That is exactly what feminists are doing, and sadly, some of the vegetarians are succumbing to their mind-think.


Telecom boss quits “misogynistic” Helsinki Bourse Club

Chairman Pertti Korhonen of DNA, one of Finland’s largest telecom companies, broke ties with the Helsinki Bourse Club, citing the group’s unwillingness to include women as his reason.


The chairman of telecom company DNA, Pertti Korhonen has resigned from the ultra-exclusive Helsinki Bourse Club, citing the group’s misogyny as his motive for leaving.


The group’s website says it models itself on the English “gentlemen’s club” tradition and is made up largely of investors and business leaders.


“I know there are many men in the club who think the current line is not OK,” Korhonen says. “I’ve given the group time to update their values, but they haven’t. I can’t be a part of a prejudiced club.”


The century-old networking club came under attack last year when various news outlets reported on its enduring policy of not allowing women to become members. The club also made a controversial statement at the time, saying that “equality doesn’t need to happen everywhere”.


Korhonen is the first person to walk out of the clique on moral grounds since the Bourse Club was publically criticised. He says he did not mean for his walkout to become a matter of public interest, and that his quasi-private Facebook status was leaked.



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