Muslim persecution of Christians US

Pence’s trip to Middle East could spark action resulting in tangible aid for persecuted Christians…….


It would be long over due and greatly accepted…

There remains an urgent need for aid to go to competent, effective organizations committed to assisting (and in many cases already assisting) Christian communities left decimated in the wake of ISIS.

Pence’s trip to the Middle East could spark action that results in tangible aid for persecuted Christians

As Vice President Mike Pence prepares for his visit to Egypt, Jordan and Israel that begins at the end of this week, concerns continue to mount for the Middle East’s persecuted Christians – especially for refugees who are looking for the assistance promised by the United States to help them survive ISIS’ relentless assault on their homelands.


What a relief it would be for those Iraqi Christians displaced by ISIS to see with their own eyes the aid our government has pledged – aid that is now supposed to go to competent groups directly assisting refugees, instead of through the clunky and often inept U.N. bureaucracy.


During my recent trip to the Middle East to address religious freedom issues with the leaders of Egypt and Jordan, I had the opportunity to visit a U.N.-run camp in the latter country. While the folks on the ground are doing a remarkable job of helping meet the basic needs of their 80,000 residents, the needs both inside and outside the camps remain great.


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