Finland illegal aliens MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish woman and Kosovars fined and jailed for arranging scam marriage, she ratted on them for reneging on promised money…….


It’s too bad she can’t be deported as well…


Immigrants bribed for a 10,000-euro marriage to a Canadian citizen: “I would not have left if I knew this was a shit”

Monday, January 15, 2018 at 20.26

The Vaasa Court of Appeal has maintained three judgments on the organization and promotion of illegal entry.


  • Vaasa Court of Appeal has upheld three people’s judgments about illegal immigration.
  • The woman agreed to paid marriage with an unknown man.



The deceived woman was angry with the Kosovars and told everything to the police. (ATTE KAJOVA)

The Vaasa Court of Appeal has confirmed the verdicts issued by the Ostrobothnian District Court in a criminal case where a Finnish woman born in 1989 helped a middle aged man from Kosovo to move to Finland.


The crimes were committed in 2014. The District Court sentenced the Finnish woman to a conditional imprisonment of four months for illegal entry. Two other respondents, middle-aged Kosovar men, were sentenced to 3-6 month conditional imprisonment for organizing and assisting illegal entry.


The convicted man initially contacted the woman and suggested that she would make a false marriage with an acquaintance of the man. The purpose was to acquire a residence permit under the pretext of marriage.


The woman consented to the promise of the marriage for 10,000 euros. In her application for residence permit, the man and woman claimed that marriage was genuine and that they intended to live together in Finland.


Unconditional promises


The woman had flown to Kosovo to meet with them. She received a cash advance of EUR 2,000 and agreed that the rest of the money would come during different stages of processing the residence permit application. However, the talks in Kosovo changed, and the woman felt she had been conned.


The woman got another one thousand euros more. The Kosovars, however, said that they did not intend to pay the full amount of money. In addition, woman were banned from applying for a divorce at the time that was initially promised.


“I would not have gone if I knew that it was going to be this kind of shit,” she said during a police interrogation.


The woman who was keen on Kosovars told the story in its entirety during the pre-trial, while the men disputed their guilt.


The District Court stated in its judgment that the woman had contributed to the investigation of the crime. The judgment was lower, but because of the nature of the crime, the court sentenced the woman to a conditional imprisonment of four months. In addition, she was ordered to pay the sum of EUR 3,000 she had earned.



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