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Sweden: Criminals snatching up cheap grenades in nordic nirvana…….


#Shithole after 3 decades of multiculti experimentation…


Swedish Police Officer Admits Hand Grenades Are Easy to Find for Criminals

Grenade attacks in Sweden are becoming increasingly more common and, according to a police officer and a former criminal, the small explosive weapons are readily available and inexpensive.




Police officer Gunnar Appelgren, the coordinator of the Stockholm police force’s gang conflict programme, has admitted that hand grenades are easy to find in Sweden and that many young men involved in organised crime buy them to “shock” their rivals, Expressen reports.


“In 2017, until the end of November, 22 hand grenades were found in Stockholm, of which 12 had exploded,” Appelgren said, and added that criminal networks who employ deadly violence often have easy access to hand grenades.


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