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Austria: Marxist miscreants and malcontents march against sane immigration policies by incoming government……..


They are all of course free to leave Austria and go protest in the countries (dung heaps) that the Muslim settlers hail from, concerning their policies, and see what they get in response.


Wanting a normal country that reflects the ancient values and traditions handed down to you, is now a brave and courageous act, complete with all the vitriol they can throw at you.


Austrians demonstrate against far-right coalition

More than 20,000 people rallied on Saturday in Vienna against Austria’s new conservative-far right coalition over its hardline stances on immigration and social policy, police said.

Marchers descended on a central district housing several ministries to make known the views of a protesters’ “New Year welcome committee” for the administration of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who became the world’s youngest leader at 31 last month.


While police said 20,000 people marched, organisers claimed as many as 60,000 took to the streets to protest against the inclusion in the government of the anti-immigrant Freedom Party (FPÖ), which holds six cabinet portfolios, including that of the vice-chancellor, party leader Heinz-Christian Strache.


“What I fear the most is that this type of government becomes the norm,” said one demonstrator, 55-year-old Christa, while Tobias Grettica, a 47-year-old German, said he was worried “to see nationalism making inroads everywhere, not just in Austria”.


Anna, 23, said she was protesting against “a government that wants to divide society, demonise minorities, erode women’s rights, devalue solidarity”.


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