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Finnish police practicing ‘Stasi tactics’ on themselves: Anonymous ‘snitch board’ allows colleagues to rat on each other for wrong thinking……..


This is a DDR (Stasi) mentality all over again…


Whatever happened to being able to address your accusers? A colleague of mine says: “The guy behind the snitch desk must be careful to not see cops face to face, drunken in a bar.” This is not to be confused with internal attempts at keeping its dept. corruption free, this is a corrupting force ensuring that police officers ”get their minds right”. Thought police in blue.

Police are urged to rat on their co-workers – “snitch board” raises anger

Friday, January 12, 2018 at 07.04

The National Police has opened an internal channel whereby police officers can snitch on their colleagues anonymously. The internal snitch board gives rise to internal police anger and resistance.

  • Police Administration encourages policemen to snitch on their colleagues anonymously.
  • The incident notification system has been opened up by the Helsinki police and the National Bureau of Investigation.
  • The Federation of Police Associations strongly opposed the channel.


A snitch board was launched under the cover of silence encouraging cops to rat on their counterparts.


Since the beginning of last December, the police have opened an internal board to enable the making of an anonymous announcements if it suspects someone within the police administration has acted or is acting “unethically or otherwise in such a way as to jeopardize the police organization or its reputation”.


The identity of the notifier can never be identified. The notifications are directed straight to the Police Department leadership, which has launched the board, which, after processing, directs the matter to the police department in question. It is also possible that ‘Poha’ takes the request directly to the Prosecutor General’s Office.


Anything reported through the channel is recorded in the police electronic case management system ACTA.


The activity designated as an “Ethical Channel” is justified by the police’s internal legality control. Its purpose is said to be “to promote compliance with legislation, good governance and common values ​​in the day-to-day operations of an organization”.


It also aims to increase the transparency of policing and strengthen the confidence of the police.


It is underlined that a pilot project is under way in which the channel is being tested in two police units; The Helsinki Police Department and the National Bureau of Investigation.


Anonymous notifications have so far accumulated more than a dozen to date.


“They can be counted with the fingers of two or three hands,” says Janne Paavola , Police Inspector for Legality Supervision.


Suomen Poliisijärjestöjen Liiton puheenjohtaja Jonne Rinne paheksuu poliisin uutta ilmiantojärjestelmää.

Jonne Rinne, President of the Finnish Police Association Association, condemns the police’s new information system. (SPJL)




According to Iltalehti’s information, the snitch board system officially called the informant system caused great disapproval and anger inside the police department. Police Inspector Paavola acknowledges that co-operation with the police trade unions and personnel representatives has become “some critical points of view” for the new board.


Jonne Rinne, President of the Finnish Association of Police Officers, summarizes the views of the staff directly:


— But when a civil servant, is acting in his position and under his name, is not publicly, and in secret, telling things about the organization, it says more about the organisation than the technical implementation of the snitch board.


– Is it really possible that an honest police officer with whom 95% of citizens trust can not handle things internally except on an anonymous informant channel, he says bewilderingly.


More here in Finnish at IL

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