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Daniel Greenfield: Trump Collusion Theory, Here’s What You Get for 7 Mos. and 7 Million…….


A big waste in money, time and resources…




Here’s what you get for 7 months and $7 million.

Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate Russian collusion back in May. A new year is upon us.


The warm May temperatures have been replaced by a deep freeze and snow is falling in Tallahassee. But after blowing through around $7 million and putting on an exciting show of surprise raids, gag orders, leaks and the varying pleas and indictments; Mueller still hasn’t produced a single collusion indictment.


It’s much easier to pick Manafort’s lock than to prove Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy theory.


What Mueller did was harass a bunch of already shady characters into pleading guilty on minor charges, some, like lying to the FBI, created by his own investigation. All he had to do was get his team of Obama and Clinton supporters in front of Obama and Clinton judges who would rubber stamp anything.


And the grand jury allegedly looked like a “Bernie Sanders” or “Black Lives Matter” rally with some participants wearing left-wing shirts. There wasn’t a single white male among the 20 jurors. That’s a convenient way to screen out likely Trump supporters and bring in likely Trump opponents.

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