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German football team FC Bayern trains in misogynist, Jew hating Qatar…….


They talk a big game, but when real push comes to shove, not playing it all…


“Qatar is an intolerant, homophobic, anti-women and anti-Jewish dictatorship that exports oil and hatred, and the fact that @FCBayern feels comfortable with such a host undermines all the anti-racist campaigns in which the club is involved.”


FC Bayern trains in the misogynistic dictatorship Qatar – revealing its own values.


The author and writer lives in Berlin and writes regularly for SPIEGEL DAILY.

Football clubs like to emphasize their social responsibility because they see themselves as the relevant size of society. Presumably, this self-assessment is also correct. After all, football is by far the most popular sport in Germany, and it has a tradition of fighting intolerance.


While it was still common practice in the 1990s to call the referee a “black pig”, such an expression today is considered as indecent as racist comments about the skin color of a player. Nazis are outlawed by the big clubs anyway, and Eintracht Frankfurt just went so far as to declare a commitment to the AfD as incompatible with the values ​​of the club.


Does tolerance really belong to the DNA of the association?

In short: to set signs and stand for cosmopolitanism is a matter of course for the top clubs.


But how does that fit in with the annual winter training camp of FC Bayern München in Qatar?


Der Spiegel

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