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Finland: Iranians demonstrate in front of Iranian embassy, protest against Mullah dictatorship…….


Tundra contributor, Johnny Too Bad, was at the demo and files the following report:


I was in the Iranian demonstration in Helsinki yesterday. They confirmed to me: The uprising is strictly against the hijab, that is, against the sharia. They hate Hizbollah, they say, death to the Islamic republic of Iran, they say, forget Hamas, for 30% of Iranian people live in hunger and poverty because the theocratic government spends all the money on terrorism. In Helsinki at Kolmen sepän patsas, they shouted “MULLAHS ARE TERRORISTS”.


Demonstrators call for Iranian rulers to account at the Embassy in Helsinki – “Down, down, dictator!”

Wednesday, 3.1.2018 at 20.07

There were six police patrols. The demonstration is said to have remained peaceful.



In front of the Iranian embassy, ​​a small number of demonstrators gathered in the Kulosaari district of Helsinki on Wednesday evening.


Demonstrators, including all ages, mostly Iranian men, women and children, called for the current government to be driven from power.


– Down, down, dictator! Down, down, Khomeini ! Down, down, Rouhani, the protesters shouted in Finnish and in Farsi on Kulosaari’s darkening street, referring to the founder of the Islamic Republic and to the current president of the country.


The protests were currently in the wake of a wave of demonstrations across Iran, where, for a number of days, people who are tired of unemployment, the state of economic crisis, corruption and religious leadership have been on the streets more than ever for almost a decade.


One of the key requirements of the people is that the Iranian regime, seeking regional hegemony, would use less resources for bigger powers and more for the well-being of its citizens.


More than 20 people have died in Iranian demonstrations and hundreds have been arrested.


Six Police Patrols


There were six police patrols between Kulosaari demonstrators and the embassy on Wednesday. Cars were parked in front of the embassy and the police stood near the gates.


The Helsinki police say that patrols are always on display at embassies’ protests. The police say Wednesday’s protest has remained peaceful.


Iltalehti interviewed Arvin Adriyani, a writer and cultural activist , who worked as a prototype organizer on the ground.

In an Iranian cultural Renaissance affair, Adriyan says that the people who came to Kulosaari represent the larger Iranian community in Finland, the vast majority of which combines those against current regime rule of the country.


– We stress that we do not trust the entire Islamic Republic of Iran. We do not trust any version of whether the president was a moderate Muslim or fanatic, Adriyan says.


Illusory democracy


Adriyan’s statement reflects the fact that the clerics who ruled the country since the Revolution of 1979 have ruled with absolute sovereignty of the country, despite the election of the president and parliament of the country.


The seemingly democratically elected government is actually governed by the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , the clergy and its current leader.


Adriyan appealed to the Finnish and European interviews with IL that they would not support Iran’s administration, which, according to Adriyan, violates human rights, women’s rights and children’s rights.


He added that supporting Iran’s current government will add discomfort in the Middle East, which further increases refugees towards Europe.


– We ask you to put pressure on your business leaders not to carry out business with Iran. Buying oil from Iran or selling arms and surveillance technology to Iran supports a corrupt regime that will further stabilize the situation in the Middle East, Adriyan says.



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