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J.E. Dyer: An interesting timeline you won’t see elsewhere on the Iran protests…….


What a momentous turn of events…


If only their disgust for the Mullah regime can be sustained long enough for a real shift in their national politics, they are fed up with the mullahs, all varying forms of them.


An interesting timeline you won’t see elsewhere on the Iran protests

The developments in Iran are so remarkable at this point that it wouldn’t surprise me to see a significant change in the regime, or a credible harbinger of change, in the next 2-3 days.


I’m not predicting such a change.  But I am saying I wouldn’t be surprised to see it.  Things are moving fast.


I promised you a timeline in the title, and that is further below.  The grab-bag of updates here is not the timeline.  I think you’ll find it worthwhile sticking around.


The individual updates are astonishing.  First, a map view of how widespread the protests are.  They’ve been spreading across Iran since Thursday, 28 December.


They are growing in dozens of cities.  Some Iranians are pointing out how important it is that they are strong and growing in the peaceful, loyal hinterlands analogous to “flyover country” in America.  In other words, this is not a single, urban demographic; this is the whole nation.

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