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Russia: ‘Non-Slav’ left rucksask in shopping center, government calls it terror, Putin wants jihadis shot on sight…….


Polite golf clap…



Pictures: Russia Bomb Confirmed as Terror, Putin Calls for Terrorists to Be ‘Liquidated on the Spot’

The number of injured following a blast in a Saint Petersburg shopping centre rose to 13 overnight from the 10 originally reported, with five in “grave condition”, as Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin confirmed the event was a terrorist attack.



Speaking of the attack Friday morning, Putin remarked that while the state security services should work to arrest those responsible according to the law, if they posed an immediate danger to others they should be “liquidated on the spot”, reports Russian state news agency TASS.


Saying that he had already given the order to “kill bandits” to the head of the Russian security agency the FSB while addressing an audience of soldiers who had fought in Syria against the Islamic State, Putin also remarked on the danger of Islamic radicals coming from Islamic State-controlled territory. He is reported to have said: “What would have happened if these thousands, hundreds, returned to us and returned trained, armed, well-trained?”


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