Lying Bastards Lying Muslims Pallywood Coverage of Gaza Amputee’s Death Showed UK Media at Its Worst……


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Coverage of Gaza Amputee’s Death Showed UK Media at Its Worst

by Aron White


There’s been much media attention given to the death of Ibrahim Abu Thuraya at the Gaza border, during violent Palestinian protests earlier this month. But very serious questions have been raised about the story.


Media outlets that reported the story should have been more careful in their initial reporting, and should now issue retractions and apologies in light of the new evidence that has come to light.



There were two central parts of the story that have now been seriously called into question.


It was originally reported that:

a) Abu Thuraya was a Palestinian fisherman, who lost his legs in an Israeli air strike during Operation Cast Lead in 2008.
b) Abu Thuraya was shot in the head and killed by the IDF on December 15, in a “shocking and wanton act.”


But facts have now emerged that seriously challenge both of these assertions.


Abu Thuraya was, in fact, a terrorist — and he injured his legs in that context. Initially, Abu Thuraya was a militant in Fatah’s Force 17 commando unit, and he was shot three times in the leg in 2005 by Hamas fighters — during the inter-Palestinian fighting between Fatah and Hamas. (This was reported by none other than The Independent, in 2005).


Moreover, there are also now serious questions as to what actually happened on December 15, 2017.


More here.

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