Fighting Back FREEDOM Poland

Poland Promises New Model ‘Far From Socialism, and Equally Far From Neoliberalism’…….


These former Soviet backed/Communist European countries are breathing the life of liberty back into the continent…


That said, I don’t agree with the label of ‘economic nationalism’, nor that foreign money in the economy is a bad thing, in fact it’s quite the opposite seeing that economics is a very complicated matter. Thinking of one’s own population first is the primary duty of any civilized nation, driving down wages with population shifts/replacement is not. Placing your country under the dictates of an international court and regulatory systems is not placing your own people first, it’s stripping them of their liberty. Much of what this president is offering is something that any freedom loving individual would wrap their arms around. Are there many of them left is the question.


Conservative Revolution: Poland Promises New Model ‘Far From Socialism, and Equally Far From Neoliberalism’

Mateusz Morawiecki, the new Prime Minister of Poland for the conservative-nationalist Law and Justice Party government, has laid out a Trump-style programme rejecting both socialism and globalist neoliberalism.




The 49-year-old, who took over from predecessor Beata Szydło in order to spearhead the battle to reform what Law and Justice see as a corrupt, nepotistic judiciary devised by the Soviet-backed military dictator Wojciech Jaruzelski in the dying days of the old Communist regime, said his government would work to build up a competitive, modern economy — but one which puts the needs of country and family first, rather than the interests of multinational corporations.


Much of the programme laid out by Morawiecki echoed the original goals and aspirations of U.S. President Donald Trump and former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon, with a strong emphasis on job creation, infrastructure investment, and defending coal workers under constant attack from the European Union and the climate change lobby.


He also pledged his government would address concerns beyond the purely economical, announcing a new Institute of Urban Planning and Architecture inspired by the British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton, who has spent much of his life campaigning against modern architecture and town planning — because “We need to pass on to our children and grandchildren a Poland that is well-kept and arranged in an aesthetic fashion… we must not neglect the science of beauty.”


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