Finland Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Muslim Afghan refugee who raped/burned alive his former Finnish girlfriend not allowed to appeal life sentence…….


The death penalty should be reinstated just for this case alone.




The man raped and burned his former girlfriend alive – the Supreme Court did not grant an appeal

The life sentence of the jailbreaking murder of the Pori teenager remains in force.


THE life sentence of the jailbreaking murder of the teenager from Pori remains in force. The Supreme Court announced on Thursday that it would not grant an appeal to the sentenced person.

Vaasa Court of Appeal in August convicted Ramin Azimi for murder to life imprisonment. A 17-year-old jogging girl from Pori died in January 2015 as a victim of a homicide.

Azimi was also sentenced for gross rape.

THE INCIDENT was about the girl’s desire to end her relationship with the man. According to the Court of Appeals, the former boyfriend Azimi had repeatedly tried to get the girl to continue the relationship.

According to the statement, Ramin Azimi first raped the girl in the nightclub at Ulvila. The man then transported the still alive girl to Kokemäki by car, moved her to a wooden storehouse, poured gasoline on her and burned her alive.


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  1. Her friends and parents should administer justice in this case.

  2. More continued insanity as Europe ‘welcomes’ the ‘refugee’ Muslims. Thank God for Donald Trump. I pray that similar leaders in Europe finally get the political support necessary to end this epidemic of evil!

  3. The same should be done to this beast as what he had done to his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend. He isn’t human; he’s a cowardly beast who doesn’t deserve to live.

  4. It’s so hard to understand civilized countries encouraging and welcoming an ideology that is so barbaric and incompatible with their own civilized beliefs and teachings,Islam like all other religions ? consists of people from all countries and cultures but get ‘offended ‘ and call us racists if they are criticized,what country have we offended? they will never assimilate as they believe and are taught islam is superior to all other religions and races,( their words not mine) multiculturalism is a failure everyone knows it except our Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who keeps insisting it is a great success here,religious law does not over rule the law of the land,Australia is not learning from the disasters that have overtaken Europe,Sweden,England and Canada,they, we are committing genocide with the help of our own government.

  5. Lie down with dogs…get up with fleas. Or, in this case, never get up at all.

  6. This hate-filled culturally backward parasite needs to be sent back to his country or origin before he breeds and adds to the new generations of non- assimilating legal muslim nationals

  7. The felon is safely behind bars so the public is protected. His sentence is severe enough to give others pause before they commit the same crimes. Now what has to happen is for Germany, Sweden and other European nations to take the same hard line against such criminals!

    1. They will still probably let this scumbag loose in the end….Europeans have been brainwashed to the point they are unable to defend themselves or their own cultures let alone save their own nations. They should be (edited by TT) alive the scum that commits these acts and their leaders that let them in.

  8. Immigrants must accept the culture and way of life of their adopted country that has welcomed them with open arms. The host country has been gracious enough to accept them despite their cultural and religious differences. They are even given the freedom to practise their religiion without fear of persecution. Yet they seek to impose their own cultural norms and religious beliefs and practises onto their adopted countries. If they refuse to assimilate and accept the way of life of their adopted country they have no business being there. Send them all back to where they came from because obviously they think it is better there.

  9. Are there any men left in Europe? Why is this allowed to keep going on? How many of your children are going to have to die before you put a stop to this?

  10. What’s wrong with you Finnish people? In fact all Europeans? I am a Christian Palestinian AMERICAN patriot. You are fools for accepting Moslems who do not wish to escape Islam and assimilate. I can tell you that the Arab world is backwards and barbaric because of Islam. Haven’t you figured out yet that this is a globalist plan by the satanic elite to flood Europe with violent, hateful rapists to destroy western culture in order to institute a one world tyranny? Are you too stupid to save yourselves? I HOPE NOT! You should take this scumbag, (edited by TT) HIM ALIVE!

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