UK faces demands from EU, open borders until 2021…….


These statist elitists never give up now do they? Neither should we.


EU Will Demand UK Keep Open Borders Until 2021 in Forthcoming Trade Talks

The UK is facing renewed demands from the European Union (EU) to keep borders open to mass migration until 2021, the end of the so-called Brexit ‘transition period.’


The Brexit deal agreed by Prime Minister Theresa May last week proposes a “cut-off date” of March 2019, exactly two years after Article 50 was triggered.


However, EU documents show  EU negotiators are plotting to demand an extra two years of uncontrolled European migration in the next stage of negotiations focused on trade.


It reads: “In such case, the ‘specified date’ should, in the Commission’s view, be defined not as the date of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal, but as that of the end of the transitional period.”


The demand is made in a Brexit “state of progress” report by the European Commission, sent to the European Council, setting out various negotiating position ahead of a meeting of EU leaders on trade issues next Thursday.


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