Finland mosques MUSLIM SETTLERS

Helsinki Grand Mosque (beachhead) project defeated, convert organizer threatens to try another city…….


For me the funding is one issue, it’s the project itself that’s highly problematic under any circumstance.


I’m not popping any corks yet, she will keep on trying, and the Greens politician, Anni Sinnemäki, a radical Leftist kook insists that the capital needs a bigger mosque.


Grand mosque project blocked in Helsinki. in Helsinki,prime motivator behind project threatens to take mosque elsewhere: “I have not had any sensible discussion with any politician”

THE Grand Mosque project in HELSINKI seems to have collapsed. The Urban Environment Board on Tuesday denied the purchase of a plot for the design of the mosque. The main reason for the refusal was the unclear funding of the project.

The project was blocked by Greens Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Board, Anni Sinnemäki , who rejected the refusal of the land, contrary to the rapporteur’s view.


“An estimate of the scale, scope, complexity and cost of the project in relation to the available resources and sources of funding did not provide the basis for this project to be able to proceed,” Sinnemäki explains.


To design the Grand Mosque and the Cultural Center, it was planned to reserve a plot of land from the Sörnäisten rantatie in Hanasaari power plant, here:

The mosque project has provoked suspicion especially because it has not been shown clear funding.
Money was promised, among other things, from Bahrain and other Gulf countries.
Pia Jardi, who has worked for at least a couple of years for the GRAND MOSQUE , is waiting for the Board’s decision. “There has been no room for waiting for this political debate.
I have not had any sensible discussion with any politician, “Jardi said on Tuesday after the decision.
The battle, however, Jardi does not intend to stop. “We are analyzing the boards arguments and, on the basis of that, we are doing things – or we go to another city where it knows,” she says.

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  1. Wow..Never expect green party leader to object on grand mosque scheme! However the most notable objection in the beginning of the project came from the Mayor of Helsinki. We will see what happens in future but i hope there is no single minaret singing their call to arms in Finland.

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