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Dutch Leftist blames Trump for Islamonazi jihadi attack on Kosher Restaurant…….


This kind of politician is all too prevalent in Europe.



Instead, I blame the country’s leaders for importing the worst of the worst, meaning, Jew haters from the Middle East.


Amsterdam politician blames Trump for kosher eatery attack

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — A senior politician for a major coalition party in the Netherlands blamed President Donald Trump for an assault against a kosher restaurant by a man carrying a Palestinian flag.


A spokesperson for the left-leaning Democrats 66 party made the accusation Thursday, hours after the assault on the HaCarmel restaurant, which some see as a reaction to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital on Wednesday.


Reinier van Dantzig, who heads the party’s faction on the Amsterdam city council, wrote on Twitter: “How awful that this happened. It shows how thoughtless statements by the leader of the free world have direct consequences. Let us show clearly that there is no room for intolerance in Amsterdam!”


Herman Loonstein, a Dutch-Jewish leader who heads the Federative Jewish Netherlands group, condemned van Dantzig’s statement as “cowardly and obscene,” adding it was a form of “victim blaming.”


Separately, Han ten Broeke, a senior lawmaker for the ruling People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, said he would pay the restaurant’s owner a solidarity visit Thursday.


And Arnoud Proos, a spokesperson for the Reformed Political Party, a pro-Israel coalition partner, booked a table for 15 at HaCarmel for Thursday evening to show the party’s solidarity with the owners and the Jewish community.


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