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US: Radical kook Left-wing org finds it problematic Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff read ‘modified’ Niemöller poem at CSP panel discussion…….


After all we have seen in Europe over the past few years, an inundation by overwhelmingly fraudulent refugee/asylum seeking Muslim settlers, this Left-wing org has the nerve to call out my friend and colleague Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for being ”anti-refugee”. 


No, neither Elisabeth, myself, nor our many counter-jihadist friends (defenders of classical liberalism) are ‘anti-refugee’ or ‘anti-immigrant’, we’re against people coming from areas in the Islamic Middle East claiming to be refugees and asylum seekers, who clearly are not. We’re against the flooding of our countries with Jew hating migrants, many of whom have no desire at all to mend their ways and accept the give and take that comes from living in a free society. In fact, they insist the opposite, that we mend our liberal ways to accommodate them, their lifestyle and sensibilities.

Enough already.


Center For Security Policy Event Closes With Anti-Refugee Take On Niemöller

The Center for Security Policy hosted a panel discussion yesterday that ended with far-right Austrian activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff reading a version of Martin Niemöller’s famous anti-Nazi “First they came for…” poem adapted to be about opposing Muslim refugees.


The organization streamed the discussion on “Free Speech Under Fire: The Red-Green Axis’ Unrestricted Warfare in OSCE and Beyond” on Facebook.


Sabaditsch-Wolff said that the modified poem had been posted around Warsaw during a Polish independence day march earlier this month that featured far-right and fascist groups chanting slogans like “Pure Poland, white Poland!” The poem, she said, was “translated by a Polish member of our team.”


When the refugees came, I didn’t protest—they were poor refugees
When they established mosques, I didn’t protest—they had a right to pray
When they introduced halal food in schools, I didn’t protest—they can only eat what the Quran allows them to
When they carried out attacks, I didn’t protest—it’s only a small group of radicals which doesn’t represent true Islam
When they raped women, I didn’t protest—rapes occur in every culture and religion and they have nothing to do with Islam
When they demanded Sharia zones, I didn’t protest—they need their own space and we live in a free country
When their MPs took their seats in parliament, I didn’t protest—they’re almost half the population now, and they have a right to be represented
And when they introduced Sharia law, it was too late to protest


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