Sweden needs a grenade amnesty program to cut down on its new grenade toss culture…….


How many countries in the West do you know of with similar amnesty plans?


Sweden plans grenade amnesty as attacks soar

Dec 1, 2017

Many of the explosive devices used by criminals have been smuggled in from the Balkans, experts say



Sweden is planning to hold an amnesty for grenades after a rapid rise in the number of incidents involving the hand-held explosive devices.


The government has put forward proposals for a three-month amnesty between October 2018 and January 2019, which will be voted on early next year, the Dagens Nyheter newspaper reports.


Although crime has fallen in recent years, the number of grenade attacks in Sweden soared from eight in 2014 to 52 in 2016, according to the Swedish Police Authority.


These incidents have “shocked a Nordic country that prides itself on safety, led to worries criminality is out of control and given political fodder to a resurgent far-right that blames immigrant gangs for the violence”, Reuters reported in 2015.


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