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  1. Hi Katie, my Name is Torsten from Germany and i watched your speech and you are absolutely right what you are saying, and when the time has come we all free Europeans sovereignty of each Country going to fight together for our countries freedom , families and the People we love.

    Looking forward to have a lovely pint of Directors.

    Spurs for ever!!!!!!!

  2. Right ok I get what you’re saying and although I’m not confronted with this everyday i know something needs to be done. We should roll up our sleeves and get it sorted.
    Where do we start?
    Seems as though anything that’s done turns out one way or another in the eyes of the law and all those “pc” to be illegal.
    Sooner the better though.
    Stay safe.

  3. Katie.. As always darling, a shining beacon of truth!
    No matter what happens to you PLEASE never ever stop moving this forward. A time will come when people come to their senses and see the erosion of society that’s taking place and move to action.
    I wish you all the best and massive respect to you as always!

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