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George Soros launched ‘media blitz’ on Hungarian government, his billions rich Open Society headed attack…….


This varmint has to be investigated, and if even found to have committed the slightest of infractions, forced to do the maximum in penalties.


Soros Launches ‘Media Blitz’ Against Hungary


George Soros, the billionaire open borders campaigner, has launched a “media blitz” against Hungary’s government, which has been conducting a national consultation on the financier’s plan for the migrant crisis.


Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Dr. Zoltán Kovács described how, “In an extensive media campaign, George Soros himself joined the debate on the future of Europe’s migration issues with an international and Hungarian media blitz” in an About Hungary blog entry.


In a video message aired by RTL Klub, Hungary’s biggest television network, Soros claimed he was “really worried” about his former homeland.


Csaba Csontos, a spokesman for the Hungarian branch of Soros’s Open Society Foundation, announced that the ‘Man Who Broke the Bank of England‘ is launching an extensive media “counter campaign” against the Hungarian government to tell Hungarians “about the truth”.


This week, Soros has also given interviews to Hungarian government opposition-friendly 168óra and the Financial Times.


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