Islam in France

French interior minister says Muslims not allowed to pray on streets in Paris suburb…….


There is no reason why any Western state should allow this kind of Islamic show of muscle/intimidation on their cities’ streets.


France to stop Muslims praying in the street, interior minister says

Mosque shortages lead worshippers to pray on roads

People pray in a street on 10 November in Clichy, near Paris, while the city mayor demonstrate with others political leaders against Muslim streets prayers ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images


France will stop Muslims from praying in a Paris suburb, the interior minister has said, following skirmishes between worshippers and authorities.


Tensions have grown in recent weeks, with residents of the multi-ethnic Clichy-la-Garenne protesting street-prayers.


Worshippers began praying on the roads in March to protest the closure of a local mosque which was turned into a library.


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