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Moronic German media give heads up to Salafists, expose police plans to move against radical mosques……..


Gee, it’s almost like they don’t want these Islamonazi centers rolled up at all…


H/T: Alter Schwede “This is yes a fantastic idea to announce beforehand in the press. Seriously? Please for future drug raids and the like, at least 48h before the press write, have coffee and sandwiches available for officials.


Spiegel Online

The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the Interior is preparing according to information obtained by the SPIEGEL a blow against the Salafist scene in the country. The Dusseldorf constitutional protection has already created a list of 19 mosques and clubs in North Rhine-Westphalia, in which to be particularly radically preached. The list is now available to the state police departments for evaluation and supplementation

Mosque in NRW (Symbolbild)

North Rhine-Westphalia plans to move against radical mosques


The Salafist scene in Germany is growing. Therefore, North Rhine-Westphalia wants to proceed more massively against radical mosques and clubs. Following a media report, a list of 19 institutions is currently being reviewed.


Nordrhein-Westphalia is planning a massive blow to the Salafist scene in the country. On a list of 19 mosques and clubs in North Rhine-Westphalia shows the Dusseldorf constitutional protection, where in the country should be preached especially radically, reports the “mirror”.


Now it is up to the state police departments to evaluate and complete this list. “Naturally, the NRW security authorities have a special eye on certain organizations,” said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. Here you can check whether a condition for a ban on association proceedings or criminal proceedings is given.


A ban on mosques and Salafist groups may be pronounced if they violate criminal laws or the constitutional order. This will penalize all future activities of the organizations. In addition, the establishment of successor organizations is prohibited.


More here in German

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