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UK: ITV’s undercover ”gotcha moment” on Anne Marie Waters statements falls flat, most of everything already said in public…….


The key word here is ”essentially”…


Her statement is factual, just read Bat Ye’or’s book Eurabia. Unlike James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas videos that show never heard before statements made in sequence and in context, the UK’s ITV channel doesn’t, instead it offers vapid film coverage of statements already known to the public. It’s all hype and no gas. Laughable really.


The only thing “extreme” here is ’s desperation to find extremism. They don’t want to throw out their crappy footage, so they’re presenting public statements as revelations. This is what the hack media have been reduced to. No wonder they’re dying.

Ex-Ukip leadership candidate’s extreme views revealed


When Ann-Marie Waters ran for the leadership of the UK Independence Party insiders feared the vocal anti-Islam candidate would prove divisive.


In the end, she was beaten to the top job by Henry Bolton and subsequently left the party.


Now an ITV investigation has highlighted some of Ms Waters’ extreme far right views.


Despite the party having vetted her to stand for election, just a week before the results were announce then then leadership candidate told an undercover reporter that the EU was conspiring to turn Europe into an Islamic state.



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