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Daniel Greenfield: New York Mayor says Blaming all Muslims will make things worse…….



Daniel Greenfield

Words of wisdom from the left-wing hack politician who helped cripple the NYPD’s counterterrorism to appease the likes of Linda Sarsour and CAIR.


Mayor de Blasio said “the last thing we should do is start casting dispersions on whole races of people or whole religions or whole nations. That only makes the situation worse.”
De Blasio also warned against stereotyping all Muslims as extremists.
“Anyone who wants to come into this country should be very thoroughly vetted as an individual,” he said. “But the minute you start generalizing it, especially to a whole religion, then unfortunately we’re sending the exact negative message that a lot of our enemies want and the terrorist wants to affirm — that this nation is somehow anti-Muslim. We’ve got to do the exact opposite. We’ve got to show we respect all people in America. That’s about as American of a value as there is.”


It’s almost as American as apple pie and Allahu Akbar.


De Blasio probably meant aspersions, instead of dispersions, he just happens to be an illiterate lefty product of the political machine who spent his time in college studying Marxism instead of learning basic grammar. But that’s fine. Casting dispersions might be a better idea than casting aspersions.

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