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Documentary: Killing Europe, a Danish expatriate returns home to view the remains…….



If this documentary hadn’t been made, it should be…


As owner of a blog which has for many years reported on the news surrounding the Islamization of Europe and the West (as well as breaking some of these stories internationally), the documentary, “Killing Europe“, is a film that I wish I could have made myself.


It’s not the quality of the cinematography or the editing (both of which, by the way, are superb) that makes it such an intriguing film, but in the way the filmmaker approaches the subject material itself.


“Killing Europe” is not a documentary in which the filmmaker talks down to us, but as someone who is sharing his experiences with us. The questions he asks, the remarks he makes are what we ourselves would ask or say in the same situation. It’s a naked honesty in a quest for truth about serious issues that affect us all.


We all have seen stories splashed across the pages of the press, and in TV segments on the nightly news, about the changing of demographics, riots in the streets over Mohamed cartoons, and the death of free speech as we know it. “Killing Europe” takes us to the principle characters of that drama, to the real reasons behind why the mayhem exists.


The film explores the backdrop to the Mohamed cartoon crisis, and why the Left has abandoned us to fight for classical liberalism all on our own. Danish Free Speech Society’s, Lars Hedegaard, states in the film about the obvious unholy alliance between the Left and Islamic totalitarians: “Nowadays, they have reverence towards long bearded barbarians”.


The convergence of the very destructive forces of hard leftists like Antifa, and Muslim sharia supremacists, has been a regular feature on many websites, including my own. It’s necessary however to bring these stories to an even wider audience, and in a way that combines all the many faceted sides of the issue into one format. “Killing Europe” does exactly that, in spades.


Visiting his homeland of Denmark, then on to Germany, the filmmaker interviews regular citizens as well. They’re very open to talking with him, because they’re not just talking to someone “who’s making a documentary”, but to an individual who also has a stake in this as well. He also dares to question asylum seekers, asking why they’re here, and getting the same answers I received back in 2015 when I visited an asylum center in central Finland.


From Sweden’s No-Go Zones to the UK’s Sex Grooming scandal/nightmare, “Killing Europe” digs into the facts, and the questions, surrounding the reasons why they are allowed to exist. It isn’t pretty, death of a society and a civilization never is. Watch this film and spread it wherever you can.




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