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Germany: SDP losing droves of voters to other populist parties…….

Average run-of-the-mill people in the West just want politicians to stop lying to them, defend/promote their interests and act accordingly when elected into office…


I would feel better if there was an active and very successful movement educating the electorate on conservative, Enlightenment based principles, meaning limited government,´which involves the decentralization of concentrated power, self empowerment, individual responsibility, true free market capitalism etc., but there isn’t. What we have are competing politicians throwing statist solutions and trinkets at the voter in hopes of wining a slim majority which they’ll end up sharing government with two to three other losing parties. Nothing really ever changes unless it’s a major landslide of monumental proportions.


NOTE: The Left by definition, is in fact the very essence of a populist party.


Germany’s left in crisis as voters leave in their DROVES for populist parties

GERMANY’S left-wing parties are facing a major crisis as increasing numbers of voters are turning towards more populist groups after growing tired of liberal immigration policies and a lack of proper leadership.


Of the 709 Bundestag seats, only 289 members of parliament belong to the three traditional left-wing groups and in last month’s general election the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and Die Linke [The Left] won just 38.6 per cent of the vote – the lowest total for more than 50 years.


Amid increasing challenges from the other sides of the Bundestag, Germany’s left-leaning groups have been urged to put aside their rivalries and unite to offer effective opposition to Angela Merkel’s government.


Die Linke co-leader Bernd Riexinger said: “There has been a clear shift to the right. In the old Bundestag there was still a narrow majority for the left.


“The left-wing bloc has never been weaker.”


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  1. “West just want politicians to stop lying to them, defend/promote their interests and act accordingly when elected into office…”
    Then you must be talking about VICTOR ORBAN Hungarian prime minister.

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